“The more connected you feel to yourself and the Cosmos, the easier it is to trust in the process of life.”

Welcome! I am, Annie. I have a heartfelt desire to connect and inspire souls to live a life that is authentic, free, embodied and vibrant and so The Heart Grove was birthed.

The Heart Grove uses a multimodality approach and different people to help you reconnect back to yourself and remember who you are and to feel back into your body, your heart space and your spirituality.

I use my own surrender and professional experiences as a Holistic Counsellor, Wise Woman, Energy, Sound & Crystal Healer, Somatic Practitioner, and Human Design/ Gene Keys Mentor to provide you with a very unique and personal approach.

I offer you a sanctuary of peace, where you can let go, connect with your true self and find support and healing in a caring environment.

Courses, Women's Circles and events are regularly run to give you the tools to create the life you wish, maintain optimal health and release the subconscious emotional blocks that hold you back from success and happiness.  

I'm welcoming you in with love and open arms.

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What we offer currently

1:1 Sessions

Energy /  Sound Healing
Human Design Coaching
Matrescence Coaching
 Holistic Counselling
Reflector Reflections sessions

Group work

Women's Circles
Matrescence Workshops
Journey Meditations
Human Design Workshops


Chakradance Retreats
Human Design Intensives
Monthly Sister Circles