Postpartum Closing Ceremony

The Closing of the Bones ceremony is an ancient postpartum healing practice which was created to nurture the new mother and to honour her in her entirety.

It is a practice that brings awareness and respect to the end of her pregnancy, the completion of birth and one that helps to calibrate and initiate her into motherhood.

Most traditional, indigenous cultures are taught that as communities we have the responsibility to care for new mamas and through this, bring healing to their families and communities.

Rituals like these have somehow been forgotten in the western world and new mothers often look to their 6 week doctors appointments or first outings as a milestone to unveil their Mama status and as a sign that life is now “back to normal.”

” Postpartum is a state in which all Mamas reside. There is no going back, only through and forward.”

When we grow and birth a baby, we change and open in every sense of the way. Physically, energetically, emotionally.

In some cultures, it is believed that the woman's spirit will leave her body during labour & childbirth to collect their baby and bring them back earthside.

The Closing Ceremony uses rebozos ( Mexican scarves ) where we wrap her body so she feels held to then release through the spoken word in the ceremony.

It is a time out for the mother; a time to have a silent communion with herself and reflect on her journey to motherhood and to feel the loving hands of another woman nurturing her.

Ceremonies are offered around six weeks post Birth (after to invite the spirit of the woman back into her body & an opportunity to release any trauma she may have experienced

Though it is often deeply relaxing, healing and purposeful after birth, any woman at any time in her life and can benefit through the Rites of passage, such as Menopause, Turning of Age, or closing off anything.

This 2-3 hour Ceremony Includes:


Our intention is to create a sacred space for you, where we can honour and acknowledge your experience of birth; showing tenderness and gratitude to your body; bringing it back to itself; closing its energy channels and letting go of any emotional ties that no longer serve you


Using salts and herbs, we wash the feet. Washing the feet symbolises purification and divine love. Our pelvis is deeply connected to our feet and this also allows a sense of grounding in the body, and a feeling of safety and security.


The intention with this massage, which is above your pubic bone and around your tummy, including your hips and lower back, is to warm and relax your muscles; stimulate & release your hormones; get fluids moving & cleansing; boost your immune system; tone your muscles & tissues and reduce anxiety & depression, moving your body from being in a sympathetic state (fight or flight) to a parasympathetic one (your body’s restore & recovery setting).  


Then 'Closing The Bones' itself, where you will be bound and cocooned with six rebozo fabrics, then covered with a warming blanket, and left to rest and relax, as your body releases any held tensions.


Using a combination of sound healing medicine, such as the Medicine Drum, the Crystal Bowls, shakers and rattles, you will be guided into a Spiritual Journey to bring yourself back to yourself.


At the end of the ceremony, we will gently invite you to draw your attention back into the current moment, and will be offered a cup of warming tea and nourishing energy balls. 

... "in allowing the mother to process her birth and postpartum, to heal emotionally and gain strength. It helps her find closure to her birth story and find her center again, to connect to her new body so that she can have increased confidence as a woman and mother."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I primarily do this work at my home studio here in Petrie, North Brisbane.

I am also available to travel, though this is organised privately, and extra travel costs will incur.

The ceremony usually takes between 2.5-3 hours to complete, leaving you rested, refreshed and revitalised.

This ceremony is for YOU, to make YOU feel special and nurtured, and so you don’t want to have to be thinking about your baby’s needs whilst you are trying to journey.

If you are breastfeeding and or cannot easily leave your baby, you can bring someone else - your partner, friend, mum, sister, doula - to look after your baby whilst the ceremony is taking place. We are happy to stop at any time if your baby needs feeding, and then we can continue when the baby is happy to be handed back to the other carer.

The Ceremony costs $280